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Top-down and Thematic Investing


Sango has both a top-down and bottom-up approach to investing. Our investors seek to allocate capital to opportunities globally. Making sense of the opportunity in Africa from a global macro perspective is fundamental to Sango’s portfolio construction approach.


Trusted Partnerships and Local Insights: Sundry Markets


Sango Capital together with other local investors have backed a successful entrepreneur to build a modern food retail business in Nigeria. The investment thesis was to build a modern grocery retail business in a country with only 4% modern retail penetration, by backing an experienced and local entrepreneur. From one store in 2015, the company plans to have 9 stores operating by the end of 2018.


Bold and Innovative Thinking: Viathan


Sango Capital in partnership with Synergy Capital and other institutional investors has provided growth capital to Viathan Engineering a modular, off-grid, captive power generation company in Nigeria.  From initial investment in August 2015, the company has increased installed generation capacity from 5MW to 50MW. The plan is to grow generation capacity to 200MW over Sango’s investment horizon.


"At the core of how we invest are three principles: trusted relationships, a growth oriented path to returns and a contribution to value creation."

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