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At the core of how we invest are three principles: trusted relationships, a growth oriented path to returns and a contribution to value creation.

We invest time and effort in building partnerships with trusted counter parties in fund or direct co-investments as a way of unlocking unique insights investment opportunities and also mitigating risk.


We are a growth oriented mid-market investor and we ensure that the main driver of returns in our portfolios is growth in earnings. This gives our portfolios a cushion against macro risks such as currency devaluations.


Finally we are constantly looking for opportunities before and after we invest to make a contribution to creating value in all our investments. Whether it is structuring innovative and flexible investment structures, tapping our local and global networks or contributing our local insights, Sango aims to be an active hands-on partner where we invest.


In this section we highlight some of Sango's investments, value add activities and top-down insights that inform our investment strategy.

The Sango Co-Founders
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